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"Let things flow naturally

forward in whatever way

they like."

Lao Tzu

Acupuncture Session

Creation Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Currently open according to guidelines from the British Acupuncture Council. 

Contact 07816493806 or to book an appointment. 


Welcome to Creation Acupuncture, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice located at Simply Beautiful premises in Finchfield, Wolverhampton.

Acupuncture, which originated in China over 2000 years ago is part of a medical system called Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which stems from ancient philosophy offering an integrated approach to healthcare. It combines the health of mind and body. Acupuncture's holistic approach treats the whole person,  addressing the multiple determinants of health, in order to prevent and cure disease. 

Acupuncture today in China is a mainstay of healthcare in doctors' surgeries and hospitals. In Western cultures, acupuncture is used as a stand alone therapy and as an adjunct to conventional medicine. The NHS utilises acupuncture and NICE recommend acupuncture for chronic headaches and migraines. 

How does it work?

Clinical trials show that acupuncture calms the central nervous system, regulates hormones and releases endorphins to initiate the body's healing processes. See latest research on our 'common conditions' page which demonstrates the benefits of acupuncture for specific conditions.   

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our health depends on the uninterrupted flow of Qi or vital energy. An obstructed flow through the meridians of the body can lead to pain and illness. Acupuncture can help re-establish the flow of ‘qi’ to activate natural healing processes in the patient's body, restoring physical and mental wellbeing.  

Acupuncture is effective for a wide range of conditions including physical, emotional and reproductive issues. Although we treat the whole person, acupuncture is also effective in treating specific pain or injury such as back pain.