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“After being referred to fertility services by our GP I was diagnosed with PCOS  on a wait list for ovarian drilling. Everything was completely out of our control disorders I looked for something I could do to help myself and I found fertility acupuncture and Natalia online. I found out she could support me with both PCOS and fertility. 
after the initial consultation and first treatment I came away feeling great as someone had listened to me, someone cared about what I was saying and Natalia had a plan to support me in the best way she could. She is so knowledgeable and supportive and every week the treatment was tailored to my cycle. Over the following months you cycle became more regular and my sleep benefited amongst other things. I had surgery to remove a blocked Fallopian tube. I had acupuncture about a week after the surgery and then fell pregnant quickly after that. Natalia was the first first to find out due to a session an hour after we found out! I continued my weekly sessions until around 23 weeks and would have continued throughout my pregnancy had it not been for COVID and lockdown 1. 
Natalia was always so supportive. Her expertise helped me in many different ways and I will forever grateful for her support to get us to our goal. One great result was that after the surgery I was told my ovaries looked ‘normal’ which was a big surprise and I put that down to the acupuncture. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Natalia as not only did it give me hope throughout our fertility journey but we have a le girl from it as well.”


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“ I sought Natalia’s help having experienced two very traumatic miscarriages leaving me terrified of experiencing a pregnancy again. Natalia worked with me weekly until I was ready to conceive again. We fell pregnant instantly with her help. I saw Natalia weekly throughout pregnancy. Her guidance, support and invaluable knowledge throughout the first 12 weeks of pregnancy was something I will never forget. Natalia worked both of the physiological side of things as well as supporting me mentally when I was terrified of miscarrying again. The process was reassuring, relaxing and enjoyable. At the end of the pregnancy Natalia got my body ready for elective c section. She is exceptionally understanding, someone who I wholeheartedly trusted to guide me throughout the process.

Sue (mum of Archie)

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 “I had acupuncture before and during my pregnancy. Natalia really listened to how I was feeling any was able to ease some discomfort with particular points. I found having the ear seeds really beneficial and I felt the benefits long after the treatment and they made a huge difference to my energy levels and quality of sleep. I would recommend Natalia without hesitation and will be returning soon to support the end of my pregnancy.” 


“I came to Natalia very sceptical about whether acupuncture would work alongside the fertility treatment I was undergoing. I started my first round of IVF and she was there from the beginning. She adjusted the treatment depending on the part of the process I was undergoing and we were delighted when it was time to do a test and it was positive. I carried on having sessions for other pregnancy related symptoms and again they helped make it as comfortable as possible. When it came to round 2 I didn't hesitate to start the acupuncture again for the frozen embryo transfer and again we had a positive result. 

I would definitely recommend Natalia for any fertility treatment you are undergoing. I feel as though if it wasn't for the acupuncture I may not have had two successful IVF rounds." 


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"Natalia, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your help in overcoming my infertility. When I contacted you, my husband and I had been trying for nearly two years without success. I was very stressed and clearly out of sync. It was clear from my initial consultation that you were extremely knowledgeable and I instantly felt at ease and positive about my chances. I started feeling better soon after the first treatment of traditional acupuncture and energy healing as you were helping to re-balance everything. After about two months of treatment, along with my fertility medication, I was, at long last pregnant. There is no doubt in my mind that acupuncture and the healing methods helped. I also have to say that your relaxed and friendly approach put me at ease straight away and despite the needles (they're not that bad really!) I enjoyed our sessions tremendously. I continued having acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and will definitely visit again when it is time to try for baby number 2!



"I first came for acupuncture for chronic period pain. Almost immediately, Natalia's treatment worked to regulate my cycle and to reduce the back pain and abdominal pain that I was having. I slept better and felt much more relaxed and less anxious. Natalia tailored treatments to my cycle and to clearing blood stagnation. I returned for fertility acupuncture and with her support and sessions, got pregnant straight away. Thank you so much!"


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"We first came across fertility acupuncture whilst reading articles through our IVF support pages and after our first round of IVF was sadly unsuccessful, we emailed Natalia. Within a day we had spoken and arranged a consultation. From the moment we spoke it was clear that the diagnosis and plan of treatment made complete sense to what was required for us and our fertility journey. During each session Natalia educated us with how to prepare my body and utilise the healing exercises to optimise potential. She helped physically to prepare my body for our next embryo transfer and also helped to control my anxiety and stress levels enormously. Eventually our transfer came and Natalia tailored the treatments around our IVF progression. I can't describe how much these healing sessions helped me through the '2 week wait' until the best day of our lives came round and we had our big fat positive pregnancy test. We feel that from then on, the acupuncture sessions kept me physically and mentally healthy to grow our little one through those vital stages. We will always advocate Natalia's healing methods and programmes not just for the physical benefits but for the treatment as a whole. Many thanks,"

Em and Sophie 

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General Reviews


"I was looking forward to my treatment and it exceeded my expectations. I felt very relaxed straight away and Natalia explained the process and how I should feel and what I might experience. The whole process was fascinating. Looking forward to the next session!"


"I was nervous as it was my first time having acupuncture but it was very relaxing and I felt amazing afterwards!"


"Brilliant, so professional, knowledgeable and prepared. Thorough explanations of treatment plan and added bonus of super time to relax!"


"I was apprehensive at first but I left feeling extremely relaxed and reassured."


"A very professional treatment where I was advised throughout what was happening and why. I was treated sensitively and with respect at all times. A fantastic first experience of an acupuncture treatment- thank you so much!"


"The treatment was brilliant, I could feel my back relaxing for the first time in years."



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